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Angela Franklin

AF Consultancy & Support Services


Mid North Coast, Australia

Registered Member of the Mediation Institute Australia & National Accreditation Mediator Standards Board

Nationally Accredited Family Group Conference Facilitator

NMAS Accredited Mediator

Registered National Disability Practitioner


Angela Franklin is an Emverio endorsed Workplace Mediator. 

This means that:

1. The mediator has been approved by Emverio Workplace Mediations to conduct workplace mediations on its’ behalf.

2. The mediator has been trained in applying the Emverio Workplace Mediations model.

3. The mediator is provided de-briefing and professional development opportunities.

4. The mediator reports to the Emverio National Practice Manager and has a workplace complaints and feedback process that you can access.

Proud Member of Mediation Institute

Nationally Accredited Facilitator-FCG Panel Member family & Community Services
Family Group Conferencing

AF Consultancy & Support Services

FOCUS on providing innovative high-quality personal services and customer satisfaction

OFFER personalised services/supports co-designed with you or your organisation to ensure that you make good decisions & maximise you potential

DELIVER on programs that are sustainable & build capacity for individuals, staff & your NDIS agency


Do you want passionate, resilient, motivated staff who are committed to providing outstanding support to customers of your agency?

Do you want to increase your accountability, grow business & provide evidence based outcomes for your NDIS customers?

If you had highly skilled staff could you expand your services & build your capacity as an organisation?

If yes, you need to give me a call for an obligation free discussion on how my Blueprint can assist your organisation


Family Group Conferencing

Nationally Accredited Facilitator, Approved FGC Panel Member FACS


Support Agency Enhancement Specialist

Working with your NDIS Agency to increase Performance-Position-Process-Programs



NDIS Support Coordination-Complex Support Coordination, Reflective practice


Innovative Living Skills Development Coaching

Evidence based programs

(Individuals & staff)


Mediation Services

NMAS Accredited Mediator

Emverio Endorsed Mediator

Relationship mediation

Workplace-Personal-Elder-Wills-Neighbour-Other Disputes

"Sustainable decisions for a better future"

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