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A bit about me.......

I have had 30 years of industry experience working across the Government & Non-government sector leading best practice in Complex Casework in Disability, Family & Community Services.

I am also a Nationally Accredited Mediator & Family Group Conference facilitator experienced inworking with complex scenario's to negotiate sustainable agreements for children & adults. 

I have extensive experience in Client Support (Accommodation, Day programs, Drop-in services etc), Consultancy Disability, Child & Family, Complex Casework, Child Protection, VOOHC, Family Group Conferencing, Senior Project & Management positions. I have led a number of Statewide Projects leading to Innovation & significant Reform in the disability sector for children & young people with complex disabilities advocating for change & recognition of the strengths within extended family networks.

I am very passionate about providing quality services, practice development within support agencies & supporting individuals, families, staff & agencies to think creatively & develop confidence, self-determination & skills to explore all opportunities to improve their lives!

"Sustainable decisions for a better future"

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