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Mediation Services

AF Consultancy & Support can provide mediation services for many scenario's that you are experiencing conflict & require a more formal resolution without proceeding to expensive personal legal proceedings or workers compensation claims etc. such as:

- Relationship mediation

- Will disputes (fixed fee)

- Workplace issues (Emverio Workplace mediations)

- Neighbour disputes

- Family disputes

-Education disputes

- Elder mediation (decisions about older parents)

- Service disputes (fixed fee) ie. when you are self managing your NDIS or aged care package & require a neutral mediator to assist in developing more formal agreements with your providers when things aren't working. This is common with services in rural areas where your service choices are more limited.

If you have another request for mediation services, please feel free to give me a call to discuss your individual needs.

I am a registered member of the Australian Mediator Standards Board & Mediation Institute Inc


Support Agency Enhancement Services

I am passionate about quality practice at the frontline- providing thorough assessment & support matched to the person's support needs to develop their skills & talents. It is imperative in the current business climate that services can evidence outcomes for the support they are providing & strive to build capacity of staff to support people to maximise their potential! I can work with your service to tailor a range of strategies and/or programs for practice improvement, sustainable staff development & improved outcomes for your clients!

"Sustainable decisions for a better future"

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